The Most Efficient Penny Ever…

Posted on March 1, 2013 by


While I am not much of a fan of Joe Scarborough, I think he hits a home run in this clip. Given the amount of work this penny apparently does, my proposal would be that we cut the other 99¢ per dollar and keep this stiff and resilient 1¢.

What this highlights is our general disdain for anything resembling true discourse in our political culture. While I might write more on this later, it seems that we are devoid of referees. Everyone calling fouls on either this party or that one has too strong an interest in the game’s outcome. While an “objective” media (in the past, present, or future) is utopian, we should hope for honest media members willing to cast a pox upon any house that spews nonsense, whether from the right, left, or middle. We should hope for only a handful of people willing to put honesty ahead of narrow, partisan gains. While I would never expect that from politicians, I hope for it among our citizenry.

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