Income Inequality: Should it be an issue for Christians?

Posted on March 11, 2013 by


Steve Horwitz has a great counter to the income inequality debate, see here:

HT to Don Boudreaux over at Cafe Hayek.

For Christian thinkers, is there a biblical justification for concern over income inequality per se?  I’m not talking about the poor here; simply does the Bible have anything to say in a negative sense about some being very rich because they are very rich, while others are significantly less wealthy?  To be more clear, imagine an America of no poor, a vibrant middle class, and many rich and uber rich.  Is there a biblical concern for such an outcome?  Lay out your case in the comments please!  If there is not a biblical case, then doesn’t that suggest the real issue is how we deal with the poor, not with income inequality?