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I came across an interesting and foreboding article in the National Review Online on the European Union, using the current Cyprus crisis as the context.  The author, John O’Sullivan, raises the specter of the “democratic deficit” in Cyprus most recently and most radically, and in the entire EU.  As he points out, the draconian terms of the structured bailout were never put to any vote by the Cypriots.  The EU bureaucracy in Brussels simply imposed it, leaving Cyprus with only two choices–buy in or leave.  Sullivan thinks this near-despotism will eventually lead to the destruction of the EU.  I agree and think it could come none too soon, for the sake of the real people, the average citizen, of Europe.  Not that I believe Europe has been particularly responsible in the past.  But I would rather see each nation leave it to their own governmental mechanisms than give way to an increasingly voracious centralized and unaccountable bureaucracy.  Take note, United States and remember (or read) Tocqueville’s warning on this phenomenon.

Have a blessed Easter in Christ.

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