Lady Thatcher, President Obama, and Celebrity Politics

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Lady Thatcher, as extolled by Drs. Clauson, Wheeler, and Haymond, was an all too rare political phenomenon. The clip above gives us a prime example of dignity while holding an elective office.

Unfortunately, as noted by Mark Steyn here, our current President seems unwilling to say “no” in any similar context. We have seen the President fill out NCAA brackets for both the Men’s and Women’s tournament, appear on The View, and even “slow jam” the news with Jimmy Fallon.

The reality, as others are pointing out, is that Thatcher is the exception and not the rule. Democratic societies tend to produce men and women who learn, quickly, that winning the adoration of the masses is all that is required to win office. There need be no backbone–in fact, it probably makes it less likely you will win–only limited intelligence, a pleasant smile, and the demeanor that suggests, “boy, I would like to have a beer with that guy.” If we look at exit polls from the 2012 election, when asked about the “most important” candidate qualities, voters who chose “shares my values,” “strong leader,” or “vision for the future,” Mitt Romney was preferred by at least 9% in each category. However, for voters who chose “cares about people,” Obama won 81%-18%. How does the President show he cares about people? He perfects the art of appearing to care by being one of us.

Do you have any doubt that Obama would have “jumped” however high he needed to when pressed by the interviewer? He is, after all, “Democratic Man” to the hilt.

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