Obama Administration: Scandals or Scams?

Posted on May 22, 2013 by


U.S. History II


Joe Klein actually took on the issue of scandals within President Barak Obama’s administration in his Time magazine editorial this week.  I was a little misled by his title (“Sorting Out the Scandals”) because he spent much of the article redefining what has occurred as not rising to the level of true scandals.  The Benghazi incident is a “scam, not a scandal,” he argues.  The “Justice Department’s secret seizure of AP phone records is more a policy dispute than a scandal.”  The only recent issue that he suggests is an actual scandal is the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.  Nonetheless, his allusion to scandals at all is a huge step for him and most of the media who have regularly defended our current president.  Personally, I think President Obama ‘s administration may go down as one of the most corrupt in American History.  It started with fundraising scandals…

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