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Hillary Clinton pulls in $450,000 in speaking fees, at a Financial Leadership Conference? What’s the deal here?

November 26, 2013 by


Now, I’m all for someone making money if they are providing a value added service.  But what, pray tell, is the service Mrs. Clinton is providing?  Why does the Chicago Mercantile Exchange find Mrs. Clinton’s leadership experience in financial leadership compelling enough that it would pay that kind of money? It cannot be her famed […]

Job and the Progressives

November 25, 2013 by


In our house church for the past several months we’ve had the privilege of studying the book of Job. I saw an economic application that I thought I’d share with you. While we’re not certain of the exact time of the writing of Job, we do think that the story of Job is very old. […]

Camelot or the Kingdom: The Truth About Kennedy, Huxley and C. S. Lewis

November 25, 2013 by


In case some were not aware. not only was Friday, November 22 the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but also the 50th anniversary of the deaths of both C. S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley.  Lewis is of course well-known and loved by many Christians as an apologist of sorts as […]

The Nuclear Option & the March of Democracy

November 21, 2013 by


Today, the U.S. Senate voted, largely along party lines, to eliminate the filibuster for most judicial nominees and executive office appointments. This means, practically, that a simple majority vote will be needed both to close off debate and confirm these nominees. Previously, as with other matters, 60 votes were needed to bring matters to a […]

Quote for the Day–From John Calvin

November 21, 2013 by


And ye, O peoples, to whom God gave the liberty to choose your own magistrates, see to it that ye do not forfeit this favor by electing to the positions of highest honor, rascals and enemies of God. From Calvin’s Commentary on Samuel.  No additional comment needed, the quote says it all.  We were warned.

Doctor’s Orders: Take These Prescriptions and Call Congress in the Morning

November 20, 2013 by


My colleague Jeffrey Haymond has written a nice blog concerning cronyism in the Obamacare debacle.  I am addressing a different but equally important problem—where do we go from here? The Affordable Care Act (now the favorite title for liberals), known popularly as Obamacare is under increasing criticism.  Republicans and conservatives are in the forefront of […]

Quote for the day! Napoleon Bonaparte

November 20, 2013 by


Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. I’ll leave to you Bereans to ponder why this may be applicable to today’s political economy.  There are no bonus prizes (since this should be obvious), but you can provide your thoughts in the comments.. Keep them as nice as you can, even though […]