Hillary Clinton pulls in $450,000 in speaking fees, at a Financial Leadership Conference? What’s the deal here?

Posted on November 26, 2013 by


Now, I’m all for someone making money if they are providing a value added service.  But what, pray tell, is the service Mrs. Clinton is providing?  Why does the Chicago Mercantile Exchange find Mrs. Clinton’s leadership experience in financial leadership compelling enough that it would pay that kind of money? It cannot be her famed commodities trading experience.

Am I just jealous?  Perhaps, (not really), but I think this is emblematic of our political economy problems in America today.  Rather than continuing elaboration of what I see as problematic, I’d like to open it up to the other Bereans and our aspiring junior Berean reader base.  So in the middle of turkey and football, tell me why this issue is a turkey for Americans.  Why is this a major problem for political economy?  Put your thoughts in the comments please.

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