Reaping and Sowing applied to Obamacare

Posted on December 18, 2013 by


I am one Berean that believes there is, in general, an ethical cause and effect that we see in this life.  I say “in general” in the same sense that we view wisdom literature in the Bible; wisdom that is generally applicable while not always on our timetable (see Psalm 73 for one psalmist’s lament that repayment of evil is often delayed).  Nevertheless, it seems to be part of God’s common grace that “life is conservative;” that is, life lessons tend to emphasize if you do the right thing, it generally turns out better than if you play fast and loose with (or disregard altogether)  God’s standards.  If you work hard, treat people fairly, spend less than you make, be generous with the blessings God gives you, things generally seem to go well as compared to those that do the opposite.

Yet doing the right thing in politics seems to be rewarded later, if ever.  Many of us lament that there are few politicians willing to do the right thing, and we see wicked politicians elected again and again.  Yet the principle of reaping and sowing still seems to apply–even in politics–if the politician touches a large enough issue to get beyond most voters rational ignorance.  Obamacare is one of those issues; it is affecting everyone to some degree, and almost all polls show the more people understand about it, the less they like it.  To be sure, it will have many fans–there are winners with Obamacare (those that are being heavily subsidized and were unable to obtain coverage before).  Yet the winners are a minority.  So those Democratic politicians that supported Obamacare are now going to be exposed–will they reap what they have sown?  That is the political question of 2014.  But this ad shows why they are running for the tall grass on Obamacare: