April Fools! If you like your doctor, you can keep him (or her)!

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I’ve been a bit under the weather lately (sick for over a week now–which is unusual for me).  Of course I don’t like to go to the doctor–like most of us–but I didn’t think I had a doctor, since I’d recently received a letter from my insurance company letting me know my doctor was leaving the practice and they would be seeking a replacement.  In the meantime, I could go into another provider 20 miles away.  So as my cold lingered well into its second week, my co-workers insisted I go to the doctor, and one even called over to the office.  Lo and behold, my doctor was still in today–it was his very last day and he had one opening.  I got in, discovered my cold is really a nasty sinus infection, and got my antibiotics.  Hopefully this will be short-lived going forward.

But back to the point.  I really like my doctor, and had been telling myself how nice it was to actually have my own doctor that I could go to.  After being in the military 29 years, I was used to socialized medicine, although “Tri-care” was actually pretty good.  But I seldom got to see any particular doctor twice, and over the last several years of my service the doctors were deployed and I would have access to a nurse-practitioner, who might refer me to a specialist civilian doctor if needed.  So it was nice when I retired and finally found a doc I liked.  I have very good medical insurance (thanks Cedarville University!) and so Obamacare shouldn’t affect me, should it?

Well, as I talked with my doc he explained his future plans, and his regrets at the tough decision to leave his practice.  But he said he just couldn’t keep fighting the paperwork bureaucracy.  Obamacare was not the only thing, but Obamacare pushed him over the edge.  He said I could use him as an example for Obamacare to my students, and you are my broader learning community so here we are.  Once again, I have no doctor.  Yes I still have insurance, but like many millions of Americans that find their provider isn’t in the network, I need to find a new doctor.

Thank you Mr. Obama.

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