Quote for the Day–Hayek on Socialism, and how it applies to Hobby Lobby

Posted on July 2, 2014 by


In light of all the recent hoopla of Executive overreach, its important to know the broader agenda of the socialist mindset–it is much more than simply “economics.”  As Hayek says in The Fatal Conceit (p. 67)

So, priding itself on having built its world as if it had designed it, and blaming itself for not having designed it better, humankind is now to set out to do just that.  The aim of socialism is no less than to effect a complete redesigning of our traditional morals, law and language, and on this basis to stamp out the old order and the supposedly inexorable, unjustifiable conditions that prevent the institution of reason, fulfillment, true freedom, and justice. (emphasis added)

Indeed, we should not be surprised that Mr. Obama’s bureaucrats at HHS want to stamp out traditional religious morality from having a public influence on policy.  One of the goals of progressivism is to replace existing morality with the morality of the left–where reason, fulfillment, freedom and justice ring.  Indeed, is that not the reason for the left’s outrage regarding Hobby Lobby?  While their public complaint is that this is about providing contraception to women, it patently is not.  Given the stated outrage is preposterous, we have to wonder what the real issue is.  Hayek points us down the road–the real issue is that the Hobby Lobby case held traditional morality can have a place in public policy, and it cannot be silenced.  That is why the left is so up in arms.  They rightly know this also threatens their homosexual agenda–can Christians now refuse to bake cakes or take wedding pictures for homosexual weddings?  The culture wars go on….