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A Modern-Day Schindler

August 21, 2015


If the Obergefell decision did not clearly signal the declining influence of Christianity in American society, Charles Krauthammer’s recent editorial entitled “Righteous Effort Rescues Christians in Middle East” does. In this poignant essay, Krauthammer demonstrates that our government has turned its back on its Christian antecedents. Krauthammer notes the work of Lord George Weidenfeld, a […]

Obamacare by the Numbers: Who Really Cares?

February 22, 2014


The Congressional Budget Office recently reported new numbers related to the impact of the Affordable Care Act.  The report provided good news for Democrats and other presidential supporters when it estimated that the number of uninsured has dropped to approximately 30 million Americans.  On balance, however, Republicans and opponents have more fodder for the political […]

Hillary for President?

January 20, 2014


I recently received my latest issue of Time magazine and found the cover story dedicated to the idea that Hillary Clinton is in the driver seat when it comes to the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2016.  This concept is only supported by the fact that polling organizations are already comparing favorability numbers between […]

Quote of the Day

December 18, 2013


“Republicans shut American down. Vote them out!” This quote was seen in the window of the Democratic office of the Greene County, Ohio Democratic Party.  It represents well our country’s problem. Too many Americans cannot tell the different between our government and our nation.  The Democrats like to claim Thomas Jefferson as their forefather.  He […]

“We Will Guarantee Everyone Has a Plasma Television”

December 16, 2013


The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has told his people that a major appliance retailer in his country is unfairly selling televisions at high prices. His response was to send in troops to take over stores and auction off items at much lower prices. In particular, he believes that his supporters should have plasma televisions. It […]

What Republicans Need or Don’t Need

December 5, 2013


Mike Murphy has written a provocative editorial imploring the Republican Party to seize the moment.  He is to be applauded for encouraging the party to act, but his proposal represents well the current debate among Republicans regarding how to move forward. For Murphy it is about dispatching the old, uncomfortable positions on social issues like […]

Common Sense Economics

November 5, 2013


Alan Greenspan was being interviewed about his new book The Map and the Territory in Time magazine recently and responded to the question, “Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently during your time as chairman of the Fed?”  His response was in part, “I always knew debt was important.  If I […]