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Accreditation for Me But Not for Thee

July 17, 2014 by


A recent article appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, in which the author, Peter Conn, a professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, took issue with the accreditation of certain kinds of Christian universities. The article, entitled “The Great Accreditation Farce,” begins on what I would consider to be a positive note, by […]

The Sexual Assault Scandal and Defending George Will

June 12, 2014 by


In a recent column in the Washington Post, the journalist George Will wrote a column on sexual assault entitle “Colleges Become Victims of Progressivism”  (June 6, 2014) in which he was critical of the Department of Justice’s new standards for proving sexual assault on college campuses and skeptical of the statistics backing those new standards.  […]

First Lady Food Frenzy

May 27, 2014 by


The First Lady Michelle Obama is at it again.  Reacting to her critics she has reiterated the necessity of food regulations for school lunch programs.  Many schools and districts have complained about the rules, arguing that they are restrictive.  Economists and policy analysts have also criticized the rules, designed to limit fat, calorie, sugar and […]

The Affordable Care Act and Labor Supply

February 5, 2014 by


On Tuesday the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released it’s report – “Budget and Economic Outlook: 2014 to 2024” . The report is causing quite a stir because of the CBO’s estimates of the affect of the Affordable Care Act on the United States economy. President Obama has previously used CBO estimates to provide support for the […]

Legislating Morality? Part 3 (Warning: Another Long, Too Long, Post, Suitable for New Years Digestion, Maybe)

December 30, 2013 by


In the first two blogs, I have begun the attempt to initiate greater reflection on the origins, role, authority, limits and functions of government, as well as our place as Christians under the authority of government.  I said at the start that absolute answers were limited.  This is true mainly because the Scriptures are relatively […]

Fairness and Equality: Part 2

December 16, 2013 by


I feel the need to clarify my earlier post on “Fairness and Equality” due to the many and varied comments on it and some misunderstanding.  At the outset, I will say that in a blog post it is impossible to address every aspect of a subject or every objection.  So the reader must read the […]

The Secret to Happiness….revealed within

December 16, 2013 by


At least indirectly, through this excellent short video by Arthur Brooks.  Arthur is one of our favorite social scientists here at; he is also President of the American Enterprise Institute.  Arthur summarizes social science research on what drives happiness; well worth your review. Earned success…that’s the key.  What enables this? A free enterprise economy:  […]